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What is is a deceptive website that has been created by cyber criminals to get extra money. It can be called a browser hijacker since it sets itself on all the browsers without permission. It has been found that users agree with those changes without realizing that, so they find the presence of very surprising. No matter how and when this search tool has been set on your browsers, you need to remove as soon as possible because this search tool is really bad. It can cause a number of problems related to security and privacy. If you have discovered it recently, you still have a chance to protect your PC from harm, so go to uninstall from your browsers as soon as possible.


How does work? works as a legitimate search tool, at least it seems so at first glance; however, it has been found that it presents users with search results containing tons of advertisements and promotional links. They are shown to users because the developer of gets money for promoting third-party websites. Unfortunately, some of these websites promoted might be very harmful. They might even contain dangerous threats that might enter the computer at any time if a user browsers a corrupted web page. To be honest, people do not hurry to leave those websites, so there are high chances to infect the system. According to malware experts who have tested, this search tool might also be a threat to users’ privacy since it records various details about them and then sends this information to third parties. It is impossible to change the way it works, but it can be stopped by erasing it fully. The last paragraph will focus on the removal, so continue reading!

How did enter my computer?

It has already been mentioned that a browser hijacker infection is the only one distributing When users allow it to enter their computers, it immediately changes the settings of browsers without informing users. Since there are so many other browser hijackers, it is very important to make sure that the computer is protected. We do not think that ordinary users can protect their computers from dangers themselves. Therefore, it is highly recommended to install an anti-malware/anti-spyware tool instead of trying to protect the computer alone. Keep in mind that there are harmful security tools that only pretend to be good out there. If you install such software, it might install additional malware.

How can I delete

There are two ways to remove from browsers. You can delete manually, e.g. reset browsers or set a new search tool in the place of The second method is the automatic one. It is the easiest method to remove malicious applications, and we suggest going for the automatic removal if you are inexperienced. You will have to acquire an automatic tool before the removal. As has been mentioned in the third paragraph, not all the malware removers are good, so choose wisely.

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