TECH-CONNECT.BIZ is a search engine which is usually classified as a browser hijacker for its ability to appear on browsers (Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox) without permission. Even though the search engine allows users to search for images, news, and actualities, we cannot call it trustworthy for one simple reason – malware experts have noticed that this search engine might put systems into danger during a short period of time. We are sure that you do not wish this to happen. If we are right, continue reading this article and delete TECH-CONNECT.BIZ from your browsers as soon as possible. After doing that, you will be able to set another homepage and search engine rather easily.


How does TECH-CONNECT.BIZ work?

First of all, let us explain you why you need to uninstall TECH-CONNECT.BIZ from your browsers. According to researchers that inspect malicious software, this browser hijacker is dangerous because it might provide users with all kinds of untrustworthy search results. If you click on any of them, you might be very quickly taken to bad web page. By saying “bad”, we mean that the webpage is full of malicious software or contains links to other hacked web pages that promote malware. Yes, it is a huge possibility to infect the system with malware if you decide to keep TECH-CONNECT.BIZ on board. Of course, there is another reason why you need to remove TECH-CONNECT.BIZ from your browsers as well. It has been observed that TECH-CONNECT.BIZ is quite privacy-invasive. In other words, it is very likely that it will record personal information, e.g. name, surname, address, location, and other similar information. Luckily, it is primarily interested in non-personally identifiable information because it seeks to provide users with relevant ads and find out what users are interested in.

How did TECH-CONNECT.BIZ manage to enter my system?

There are hundreds of different browser hijackers on the web, and we know how they travel. It was observed long ago that hijackers usually travel with various programs known as freeware and shareware. Of course, they might silently enter systems after users click on bad links or advertisements as well. Last but not least, the presence of a browser hijacker might be the result of the presence of other untrustworthy programs. Actually, it does not really matter how TECH-CONNECT.BIZ has slithered onto your PC because you still need to implement the TECH-CONNECT.BIZ removal as soon as possible. In the next paragraph, we will tell you how to delete TECH-CONNECT.BIZ.

How can I remove TECH-CONNECT.BIZ browser hijacker from my computer?

It is possible to implement the TECH-CONNECT.BIZ removal either manually or automatically. We suggest going for the manual removal only if you have some knowledge about computers and malware. In such a case, you simply need to reset your browsers. If you wish to delete TECH-CONNECT.BIZ in an automatic way, you need to acquire a trustworthy security tool first. Then, you need to scan your system with it. Make sure you use a 100% reliable scanner if you do not want cause much more harm to your PC.


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