What is Search.addictedtomovies.co

What is Search.addictedtomovies.co

What is a browser hijacker?

Search.addictedtomovies.co is a browser hijacker website that will replace your homepage if you allow the hijacker to install. These installations usually happen when users use Default settings during freeware setup, and fail to notice added items. If those attached offers go unnoticed, they will be allowed to install alongside the freeware. This is not a malicious computer infection, despite what some users might think, and it will not directly harm your computer. However, that does not mean that it is harmless. It will make changes to your browser, set its promoted site as your homepage and new tabs, and proceed to redirect you to sponsored sites. And if you are not careful, those sites could lead to a serious malware infection. This is why you need to delete Search.addictedtomovies.co.


Avoiding hijacker infections

It is very easy to install a hijacker, however, it is also quite easy to avoid it. You just need to know where to look for it. Hijackers are added to free programs as extra offers and are hidden during installation. In order to be able to see them, you need to access Advanced or Custom settings when setting up freeware. If there is something added to the program, you need to deselect it/them. This will prevent countless of unwanted infections and save you loads of time as you will not have to remove Search.addictedtomovies.co or similar over and over again.

Why uninstall Search.addictedtomovies.co?

The good thing about hijacker infections is that they are very noticeable. It’s difficult not to see that something is wrong when instead of your usual homepage, some weird site loads. It will happen on all popular browsers you have installed, such as Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Safari, so you won’t miss the infection. The browser’s setting changes are done without your permission and are irreversible unless you first delete Search.addictedtomovies.co. Just like a typical hijacker, your new homepage will have links to certain sites and a search engine. We do not recommend using it because you could end up being exposed to malicious sites. Hijackers insert sponsored content into results but do not make sure those sites are safe. In general, they aim to generate income for sponsored pages, and that is why you would be redirected to them. It does not provide anything useful so there is no reason why you should not remove Search.addictedtomovies.co.

Search.addictedtomovies.co removal

In order to be able to fully uninstall Search.addictedtomovies.co, the help of anti-spyware software might be necessary. If attempt manual Search.addictedtomovies.co removal, you might end up missing certain files and the some leftovers might remain, which would mean the hijacker can recover itself. To help you, there will be instructions provided below this article.

Site Disclaimer

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