What is the “Boxes Of Money” email scam

What is the “Boxes Of Money” email scam

“Boxes Of Money” is a classic email scam that promises a lot of money if the recipient agrees to help the sender. This email greatly resembles the “Nigerian Prince” scams that ask users for help to transfer money outside of Nigeria. Similarly, this scam email asks the recipient to help with moving large sums of money from Syria. In exchange, the recipient is promised 40% of the money.



Recipients of email scams like “Boxes Of Money” are usually users whose email addresses have been leaked and then sold on hacker forums. So if you receive this email, it’s very likely that some service has leaked your email address. You can check on haveibeenpwned.

The sender of this scam email claims to be a US Army captain named David Jordan. He’s supposedly been deployed to Syria since 28th June 2021 and claims to have “boxes of money”. He claims to have handed the boxes of money to a delivery company that knows nothing of the contents. If you can assure the sender of “your honesty”, he will send the boxes to you for safekeeping until he returns from Syria. He promises to give you 40% of the money if you keep the boxes safe for him. He also promises to explain the source of the money if you reply. The contact email address given by the supposed US Army captain is capt.davidjordan@gmail.com.

Here is the fullĀ “Boxes Of Money” email scam:

Hello Friend,


I apologize if the content of my email is contrary to your moral ethics but I find it pleasurable to offer you my partnership in business. My names is Capt. David Jordan U.S. ARMY with the 82nd Airborne Division, Airborne infantry division of the United States Army specializing in joint forcible operations. Based at Fort Bragg, North Carolina, the 82nd Airborne Division is the primary fighting arm of the XVIII Airborne Corps. I was deployed from Afghanistan to Syria on 28th June 2021.

Can you Assist me? As you must agree with me it has been hell here in Syria trying to keep the boxes of money safe from people’s eyes for all these while and with this opportunity, I deposited the boxes with Delivery company they know nothing about the contents, all I need is your trust 100% I can send the boxes to you.

So if you can assure me of your honesty, I will go ahead and send the boxes to you for safe keeping through Delivery company till my coming back home and I will gladly give you 40% of the money.

As soon as I receive your response, I will explain the source of the Money. I wait your reply as to proceed immediately via email capt.davidjordan@gmail.com

Thanks for your cooperation, God bless you and America !!

Best Regards,
Capt. David Jordan
US ARMY. (Presently in Syria).

It goes without saying that this email is complete nonsense. These types of emails try to bait users into establishing contact. After some back and forth communication, the scammers would start saying that you have to pay some amount of money to have the money delivered/transfered to you. In this particular case, the scammer would likely say that they cannot access their money because of issues with their bank and send you a link to pay for delivery. Only the site would not belong to a delivery company. The cybercriminals operating that site would be able to phish all the personal and financial information you type in. This could lead to them making unauthorized purchases using your payment card.

For future reference, every single email that claims you have been chosen to receive a large sum of money will be a scam. These scammers are merely trying to take advantage of more naive people and make easy money.

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