What is the “Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” phishing email

What is the “Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” phishing email

“You have a Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” is a phishing email that tries to phish users’ Netflix login credentials. The phishing email is not dangerous as long as users do not click on the link and type in their credentials. Users who have provided their login information need to change their Netflix passwords immediately.



This “Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” phishing email claims that there is an issue with users’ payment and until it’s resolved, users will not be able to use the services. Netflix does send emails if there are payment issues but they do not look anything like this one. Users who have received legitimate ones in the past will be able to tell immediately. The point of this phishing email is to steal users’ Netflix login credentials.

If users interact with this email, they will be taken to a fake Netflix website that asks users to log in. If users type in their email address and password, the credentials will be sent to the malicious actors operating this phishing campaign. There are several ways stolen Netflix credentials can be used. Cybercriminals can use them to take over the account immediately. They would change the email address and the password to prevent users from being able to access their accounts. It may take a while for users who do not use Netflix too often to notice that they can no longer access their accounts. If Netflix cannot help regain access to the account, users would then need to cancel their payment card to prevent unauthorized payments.

In some cases, malicious actors would not hijack accounts and instead sell access to them to users who look for cheaper Netflix subscriptions. Users would access these stolen accounts and be able to watch Netflix until the account holder notices that someone else is also using it.

Below is the full “Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” phishing email text:

Subject: We need your attention on this!

You have a Notification concerning your Netflix account.

View Digital Notification

Netflix Team

How to recognize phishing attempts

Phishing attempts that target many users at the same time are usually quite obvious. As long as users pay attention, they should be able to recognize them quite easily.

The “Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” phishing email has all the signs of a phishing email. First of all, it’s sent from a questionable email address. The email address that sends these phishing emails is accounts@multiplana.xyz. This address obviously does not belong to Netflix because Netflix’s official email addresses always contain the company name. However, more sophisticated phishing scams would use more convincing email addresses. When in doubt, a quick search with Google should provide the relevant information to determine whether an email address is legitimate or not.

Netflix users should immediately recognize that the email is fake because it does not look like a typical email from Netflix. First of all, emails from Netflix always address the recipient by the main profile’s name. This email does not address users in any way and just claims that there’s a digital notification. Netflix also does not send any digital notifications.

The biggest sign that this is a phishing attempt is the URL of the site users who click on the link get redirected to. When users click on the “View Digital Notification” button, they will be redirected to a site explaining that there has been an issue with the payment method. The site displays a button to update the payment method, and if users click on it, they will be taken to the phishing site. The site is made to closely resemble Netflix’s legitimate login page. Everything to the detail may look identical but the URL will give it away. While malicious actors can use deceptive tactics to make legitimate-looking URLs, users who pay attention will always be able to tell. Thus, before logging in anywhere, users should always check the URL.

“Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” phishing email removal

Users who receive this email can just remove “Notification Concerning Your Netflix Account” phishing email from their inbox. Users who provided their login credentials need to access their Netflix account and change the password immediately. If the account is no longer accessible, users need to contact Netflix to try and get it back. If that is not possible, users need to contact their bank to cancel their payment cards to prevent unauthorized charges.

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