What is the “You Are One Of A Kind” sextortion email

What is the “You Are One Of A Kind” sextortion email

“You Are One Of A Kind” email is classified as a sextortion scam email. The email falsely claims that a video of the recipient watching pornography will be sent to all their contacts if they do not agree to pay $1280. The email is nothing more than a scam and can be ignored.



Sextortion scam emails have become very common over the last several years. They are all more or less the same. The exact contents may differ depending on the scammers operating the email campaign but the idea and tactics are the same.

Sextortion emails usually have an alarming subject line to catch users’ attention. In this specific case, the subject line is “I own very sensitive information about your web activities”. This will no doubt make many users anxious and pressure them into opening the emails. If they do, they will be greeted with a scary message saying their computers have been hacked. The sender introduces themselves as a “professional hacker” and claims that because the recipient was browsing pornographic websites, their computer was infected with malware. Supposedly, they were able to get full access to the user’s device, which allowed them to turn the camera and microphone on/off, access social media sites and messages, steal passwords, see Internet activity, etc. The sender claims that they were able to make a video of the recipient watching pornography. The video supposedly shows a pornographic video on one side and the user watching it on the other side. The scammer threatens to send the video to all users’ contacts unless they agree to send $1280 in Bitcoin to the provided wallet address.

The fullĀ “You Are One Of A Kind” sextortion email is below:

Subject: I own very sensitive information about your web activities


First of all, let me tell you, you are one of a kind!
It is hard to impress me because I have seen a lot in my career as a professional hacker but now I am really impressed.

I will get straight to the point. Listen to me carefully.

Several months ago,
I was able to hack your operating system and gain full access to all your devices and accounts including messengers, social media profiles, etc.

I hope, now you begin to get my message.
It goes without saying that I gained access to what you type via keylogger, your internet activity and webcam streaming.
All of this was possible due to your frequent visits to adult websites infected with harmful malware.
In other words, you were under my microscope for many days like some kind of a little bug.
The only difference is that unlike you there is no bug in the world who like to watch pervert porn.

Yes, you understand it right: I was able to see everything on your screen and record video and audio streams of your camera and microphone.
All of these records are currently securely saved on my storage as well as a backup copy.

In addition, I also gained access to your confidential information contained in your emails and chat messages.

Probably you are wondering why your antivirus and spyware defender software allowed me to do all of this?
I am sorry but it’s a very stupid question. All antivirus programs turned into useless shit quite a long time ago.
Have you ever heard last years about any “advanced” new technologies in this industry?
Exactly. Nowadays, developers do not give a flying f**k about your security. Therefore, hackers like me took advantage of it.

The more you know my friend, no need to thank me.
Maybe with this fresh knowledge, you will be more serious about your internet security and never take it for granted anymore.

With that out of the way, let’s cut to the chase. Using your recordings I made a video compilation,
which shows on the left side the controversial porn scenes of you happily masturbating to,
while on the right side it demonstrates the video you were watching at that moment.. ^.^

There are only 48 hours left since the moment you receive this email until I send this video to all your email and messenger contacts.
But there is more, guess what? I can also make public all your emails and chat history.

You are sick f**k in love with freaky adult content but you are not mentally re****ed so I would like to believe, you do not want to let this happen.
Right? Only the most stupid man in the world would be happy if his friends, loved ones and colleagues suddenly knew about something like this.

In other words, there is no way back. It cannot be fixed. However, there is a way forward that both of us can benefit from.
I am a reasonable guy and have no intention to ruin your life for nothing. I’d better like to gain something instead.

Here is your salvation – transfer the Bitcoin equivalent of 1280 USD to my Bitcoin account
(you can google the process in case you don’t know how to do that).

Here is my Bitcoin address: 16UqxYLX49MkFkgqsj1NcKiNVQMRCL8pnp

Once I am notified of receiving it, I will delete all those videos and disappear from your life for good.
As I mentioned, you have only 48 hours to make a transaction after you open this email.

Believe me, I am always one step ahead so no way in hell you could fool me.
If I discover that you shared this message with others, I will send and publish your videos in no time.

P.S. It’s in your power to make it nice for both of us.

It goes without saying that the contents of the email are all fake. If users receive this email, they can ignore the contents and just delete it. There is no reason to send money to these scammers, as there is no malware on users’ computers, nor is there a video of them watching pornography.

Scammers distributing sextortion emails use various scare tactics to make users anxious and pressure them into paying. This particularĀ “You Are One Of A Kind” sextortion email mocks the recipient for their supposed pornography-watching habits and tries to shame them. The threat to release the video to users’ contacts is particularly effective. Even if users have never visited a pornographic website, the thought that a pornographic video associated with them in any way would be sent to people they know might be enough to pressure them into paying.

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