What is Zeromax stealer

What is Zeromax stealer

What is Zeromax stealer

Zeromax stealer, discovered by malware analyst 3xp0rt, is a trojan that mainly focuses of data theft. This trojan primarily tries to steal login credentials for various accounts, such as online banking, email, and cryptocurrency. This data is stolen from browsers and other applications that may store login credentials. The stolen data may be used by the malware operators themselves to access accounts, or it may be sold on the dark web. Whatever the case may be, having this trojan on your computer could have serious consequences. And anti-virus software is probably the only way you’ll be able to notice the infection on your computer, not to mention be able to delete┬áZeromax stealer. Infecting a computer with malware is very easy, which is why it’s important that you always have anti-virus software enabled.

Like most malware, Zeromax stealer may be distributed via email attachments, malicious adverts, and pirated content downloads. If you pirate movies, TV series, games, software, etc., you are putting your computer at risk of being infected with malware because torrents and other content download sources are full of concealed malware. Continue reading to find out how malware is distributed and how you could protect your computer in the future.

Malware distribution methods

Malware uses a variety of different methods to spread, from being attached to an email to being disguised as a torrent for a movie/TV series.

One of the most common ways crooks spread malware is via malicious spam email campaigns. Users, whose emails have been leaked via data breach/leak, will often receive spam email. The emails, mostly annoying but not dangerous, are often just advertisement content. However, once in a while, users may receive an unsolicited email with an attachment, in which the sender claims that the attached file needs to be opened immediately. If users open the attachment, the malware is executed. The emails are usually fairly obvious for those familiar with spam. They are sent from nonsense email addresses made up of random letters and numbers, contain loads of spelling and grammar mistakes despite pretending to be official correspondence, and strongly pressure users to open the attachment. While most spam email are obvious, there are more sophisticated attempts. For this reason, we suggest you always scan unsolicited email attachments with anti-virus software or VirusTotal before you open them.

Torrent websites are largely unregulated so it is quite easy to conceal malware as some kind of popular movie, TV series, game, or software. So if you often pirate content via torrents, you are at high risk of infecting your computer with malware. Pirating copyrighted content is also essentially stealing, thus we highly discourage you from doing that. And if you insist on using torrents, always make sure you are downloading safe content. Inspect files that are included in the torrent, read users reviews, check the rating, etc.

Finally, avoid clicking on suspicious looking ads and enable adblocker when browsing high-risk websites. Regularly installing updates is also recommended in order to patch known software vulnerabilities.

Is Zeromax stealer dangerous

As is obvious from the name Zeromax stealer, this malware will try to steal your data. It will steal various login credentials from your browsers or other applications that may store your usernames/passwords, and then send the data to its operators. It’s mainly interested in your online banking, cryptocurrency and email accounts, as those are often the most valuable. The information can then be used by cyber crooks themselves or sold to others via the dark web. Both scenarios are not good.

The trojan tries to remain as inconspicuous as possible in order to escape your notice. Other malware may severely slow down your computer, have multiple processes consuming your system’s resources and simply be very obvious, but this one will barely show any symptoms. Thus, having anti-virus software installed is essential to detect its presence.

Zeromax stealer removal

Using anti-virus software is necessary in order to remove Zeromax stealer fully. Here’s a list of anti-virus programs that detect and uninstall Zeromax stealer. Do not try manual Zeromax stealer removal because you may end up doing more damage accidentally.

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