Frequently asked questions about WiperSoft.

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WiperSoft cleans all the unwanted applications from your computer. It deals with such problems as browser hijackers, undesirable toolbars, adware, and other irritating browser add-ons that entered your computer without your consent.

WiperSoft makes your browsing much more enjoyable. It uses award-winning technology to detect all the possible threats and to provide you with a list from which you can choose the applications you wish to delete.

This security tool will delete all the unwanted applications from your computer.

WiperSoft is compatible with any computer that has Windows XP or some later version of this operating system. You will also need Internet Explorer 6 and maybe some other later versions of it.

If there is a need to restart the PC, WiperSoft will inform you about it.

This security tool will reduce the number of irritating and intrusive applications in your system. Your system will be fully protected from the moment you install WiperSoft.

If you want to uninstall WiperSoft, you simply need to follow these instructions:

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WiperSoft usage is very simple. After your downloaded this security tool, you just have to click ‘Run’ button for it to be installed. When you see a screen which offers you to choose among Home, Reports, Scan, Update, Settings, and Help sections, we recommend to click Scan. Hence, the full scan of your system will be performed and the security tool will present a list of all the files, registry entries, folders, etc. that are used by the unwanted programs. From this list you will be able to deselect all the entries that you wish to keep inside your system. After that click, ‘Remove Threats’ and WiperSoft will deal with the rest of them. You will see that the security tool restarts your computer and deletes all the indicated registry entries and files.

It should also be mentioned that some adware applications (like Babylon and Delta Search) inform the users that the modifications they performed in user’s browsers are about to be changed. If you see such alerts, you need to give your permission for the WiperSoft to proceed. Part of this tool’s job is to UNDO all the changes performed by the unwanted programs. It means that WiperSoft will reset the browsers and will return them to the default Microsoft, the more preferable one.