What is virus? virus is a threat that shows fake pop-ups claiming that users’ systems are heavily infected with malicious software, there is an application missing, or users need to update some kind of program. If you see a pop-up message with a warning from virus, do not pay attention to it and definitely not click on the… Removal Tool

What is is a suspicious domain that can pop-up on your screen every time you go online. This happens because you have an advertising-supported program installed on your computer. The adware is aimed at web traffic generation, which means that it will insert various commercials into your browsers. If you click on them, you will help the developers of… Free Removal Tool

What is looks like a very legitimate search engine at first sight. There is a search bar on this search engine and easy-access links that can help to access popular websites. itself seems to be aimed at Russian users mainly because all the text is in Russian on this search provider. Unfortunately, we cannot say that is…

Uninstall Offers4u Ads

What is Offers4u?
Offers4u is not a very bad program like Trojans, backdoor, and rootkits; however, it is still very annoying and might put your system at risk because it is known to be an advertisement-supported application (adware). If you have never encountered an adware program, you will find out soon after Offers4u is installed that it shows irritating commercial advertisements…

KMSEmulator.exe Free Fix

What is Kmsemulator.exe?
Kmsemulator.exe is a suspicious executable file that your should not trust. It is detected as malware by various security applications. The file has been detected under such names as HackTool:Win32/Keygen, Crack.CO, Trojan.Win32.Generic!BT, Trojan (001946171), and others. The file may have entered your computer together with My Web Search Toolbar, or some other potentially harmful application. It is usually… Browser Virus Removal

What is is a search engine which you might notice after you open your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers. The search engine itself resembles other legitimate search providers. Unfortunately, we cannot call “legitimate”. There are several reasons for that. Generally speaking, might put your system at risk really quickly. We want to protect you.…

Pavel Durov – Mark Zuckerberg of Russia

Pavel Durov(Wiki) is best known for creating, a Russian social networking page, and a messaging app called Telegram. The Russian entrepreneur is certainly an eccentric figure that has been involved in various controversies like tossing paper planes made of money out the window thus causing street fights, running over a police officer, refusing to cooperate with the government, making… Removal Tool

What is looks like a useful search engine that allows users to search for images, videos, and news on the web. Therefore, users who encounter it believe that this search engine is completely harmless. Unfortunately, the reality is different. This search engine is a part of a browser hijacker, so do not be surprised if you ever notice that…