Omniboxes Virus – How to remove

What is Omniboxes virus?
Omniboxes virus ( is classified as a browser hijacker that will change your homepage and default search engine without your permission. This will definitely worsen your Internet surfing experience because various advertisements will fill your computer. More than that, the program will change the Target line. You may find Omniboxes virus removal difficult because the hijacker will… Removal Guide

What is is a browser hijacker that can infiltrate your system and modify your browser settings. It usually comes as a part of an ad-supported application. The website itself is an advertising platform. You cannot trust all commercials that you see on it. Once installed, also changes your DNS settings and redirects you in the middle of your… Removal Instructions

What is can be classified as a browser hijacker, which can collect information about your activities on the Internet. For example, what kind of advertisements have you viewed, search queries entered and pages visited. This information will be non-identifying, but we are still sure that you would not want to share your sensitive data with third parties. infection replaces… – How to remove

What is is a browser hijacker that pretends to be a useful searching tool with the help of Yahoo! Search engine. However, you should not trust this hijacker’s search results and remove from your computer’s system instead. The users should try not to download links from questionable websites. You need to be careful and pay close attention during…

DownSpeedTest Toolbar

What is DownSpeedTest Toolbar?
DownSpeedTest Toolbar is another potentially unwanted application created by the infamous Mindspark Interactive Network, Inc. In its offcial page, the software is promoted as a tool which will help you “Test Internet speed”, however, according to you research center, it is not very useful. The application usually enters user’s system in a clandestine manner and immediately…

Remove Giant Galaxy

What is Giant Galaxy?
Giant Galaxy is a new adware developed by SuperWeb LLC. The company is infamous for the variety of ad-supported applications that it has created, all of which are similar to one another. There is nothing useful for the computer users when it comes to adware. These programs are created for the sole purpose of generating web traffic…

Remove MusicBox

What is MusicBox?
MusicBox is classified as a potentially unwanted application. It gets installed as a toolbar and appears below the address bar. The program is promoted as a software that will provide you with quick access to radio stations, lyrics, free music and more. Unfortunately, it is not quite as useful as it seems at the first sight. MusicBox gets distributed…

Crazy Score Ads

What are Crazy Score Ads?
Crazy Score is an advertising-supported application that inserts various commercials into your browsers. It is based on Injekt engine. The program is not a malicious itself, however, it can expose you to unreliable and unsafe online content. Crazy Score Ads will appear on your screen no matter which site you choose to open as long you…