Cybersecurity news headlines for February 2021

February has been a quiet month in cybersecurity, with relatively few big stories. After a disastrous Cyberpunk 2077 release, game developer CD Projekt Red suffered a serious ransomware attack. More than 30,000 Mac computers were found to be infected with new Silver Sparrow malware. Russian internet company Yandex revealed an internal breach that exposed almost 5,000 email accounts. And FTC…

Delete Package Tracker Express BETA EXTENSION

Package Tracker Express BETA EXTENSION is a questionable browser extension, classified as a browser hijacker and a potential threat by anti-virus programs. Once it installs, it will make unwanted changes to browser’s settings and set its promoted site as your homepage and new tabs. pop-up removal is one of many questionable websites that take advantage of a legitimate browser feature that allows websites to show users notifications. When you get redirected to, a notification will pop up saying “ wants to show notifications”. If you press “Allow”, you will be spammed with ads, even on your desktop.

Delete Quick Recipes Browser Hijacker

Quick Recipes browser hijacker is advertised as a legitimate browser extension for those who enjoy cooking and want to find recipes easier. It can be downloaded from browser web stores, free program sites, and can install via freeware bundling. Its problematic behaviour is why the program is classified as a browser hijacker.

Delete redirects is yet another questionable website pushing a social engineering scam that tries to trick users into subscribing to ads. If you get redirected to this site, a browser pop-up will appear saying “ wants to show notifications”. If you press “Allow”, you will start seeing ads on your desktop.

Doge giveaway scam removal

There is a new Doge giveaway scam going around, claiming that Elon Musk is hosting a Doge cryptocurrency giveaway that promises users to double the amount they send themselves. However, users who send their Doge cryptocurrency would get nothing in return, as this is merely a scam.

How to remove redirects is a deceptive website that tries to trick you into agreeing to see advertisements on your desktop. When you get redirected to, a browser alert will appear saying that wants to show you notifications. Do not press “Allow”, as you’d be agreeing to ads.