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About Ami Sites
Ami Sites is a questionable search engine, considered to be a browser hijacker. Just like any other unwanted item, it can enter your computer via free software and you won’t even notice until it has hijacked your browser. Ami Sites exists to redirect users to sponsored websites, and this is done in order to generate pay-per-click revenue. Even… – How to remove?

What is is a questionable website and a browser hijacker. If you’re not careful when installing freeware, you will end up unknowingly installing Once that happens, it will make unwanted changes to your browser and redirect you to questionable websites. It’s not there to help you browse. It’s there to generate traffic and make income. Despite what many users… – How to remove?

What is is a useless search engine as well as a browser hijacker. Just like any other browser hijacker, it can infect your computer via software bundles and once it’s installed, it will make unwanted changes to your browser. It’s not malicious so it will not directly harm your computer. However, it will cause annoying redirects. You will get…

YEABD66.CC Removal

What is YEABD66.CC?
YEABD66.CC is promoted as a legitimate search provider, but, in reality, it is far from it. According to researchers who have recently tested it, it is a browser hijacker that has been created to change the settings of users’ browsers and then promote third-party websites. It has not been developed just for fun. It is evident that its…

Remove Virus

What is ?
It might seem that is a legitimate search engine at first sight, but specialists have a completely different opinion about it. They say that this search tool is a browser hijacker that hijacks all the browsers. It changes homepages, New Tab pages, and default search engines for the purpose of generating revenue for its developer. Even… Removal

What is is not a good search service. Instead, it is a search tool that has been created by cyber criminals to generate revenue for them. There is no doubt that it looks like an ordinary search engine; however, it is a very bad idea to use it as a default search provider. There are several main drawbacks associated…


What is might look like a trustworthy search tool, but it is not. only pretends to be a reliable search engine, but it is nothing more than a browser hijacker that gets installed on the computer secretly. Even though it claims to be a “fast.private.sleek” search engine, it provides untrustworthy search results. It has been found that these…

Lucky Search 123 Removal

About Lucky Search 123
Lucky Search 123 pop-ups are generated by an adware application on your computer. You might be confused at first as to why you are seeing so many annoying pop-ups but they’re all generated by a single adware application. It enters and works silently so your confusion is understandable. The reason you did not notice Lucky Search 123…