Lucky Search 123 Removal

About Lucky Search 123
Lucky Search 123 pop-ups are generated by an adware application on your computer. You might be confused at first as to why you are seeing so many annoying pop-ups but they’re all generated by a single adware application. It enters and works silently so your confusion is understandable. The reason you did not notice Lucky Search 123… Uninstall

What is is a deceptive website that has been created by cyber criminals to get extra money. It can be called a browser hijacker since it sets itself on all the browsers without permission. It has been found that users agree with those changes without realizing that, so they find the presence of very surprising. No matter how… – How to remove?

About is an adware application that falls into the potentially unwanted program (PUP) category. It’s promoted as an application that allows you to play many Flash games but it behaves in a dubious way. For one, it can enter your computer without your knowledge, via software bundles. It will generate ads and track your browsing sessions so that it…


What is is a website that should show the improved search results and thus help to find the information on the web quicker. Since it looks like an ordinary search tool, many users believe all those promises and do not think that it can cause harm to their computers. Unfortunately, malware experts have found after testing this questionable search…


What is is a nasty computer infection that is called a browser hijacker. When it enters the system, it immediately changes the browsers’ settings by setting as a homepage and default search engine. As can be seen, this threat does not try to hide itself, so the majority of users who see these changes applied understand that a…

Secure Browser Adware

What is Secure Browser?
Secure Browser is a web browser similar to Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Even though it works as a legitimate web browser, it differs from them to a great extent. Also, it has several disadvantages, which makes it a potentially unwanted application. Therefore, it is highly recommended to delete this software developed by Safe Technologies LLC and…

Trotux Virus Removal

About Trotux Virus
Trotux Virus is a browser hijacker, sometimes known as a redirect virus. It’s not a malicious computer virus and will not harm your computer directly but it can still be nuisance. Because Trotux Virus is bundled together with software, it can enter your computer when you install freeware and not manually deselect it. It will hijack your browser,… Removal

What is
If you see each time you open your browser and you did not make these changes yourself, it means that you are dealing with a browser hijacker. The hijacker is capable of more than just altering your browser settings, it can also flood you with ads, track your cookies, cause redirects, slow down your Internet surfing speed, and more.…