What is
If you have discovered on all your browsers and decided to try it out, you should know that this search tool might be quite dangerous, as malware experts have found. Therefore, it is highly recommended to stay away from it. is not a good search tool even though it claims to be one. Instead, it is… Redirect Virus

What is is promoted by an application called Get Fit Now. It promises to provide users various useful tips on weight loss and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, some people download and install this program voluntarily on their computers. Not all the people, of course, get this application from its official website. Some of them do not even know about its…

WinSnare – How to remove?

What is WinSnare?
WinSnare is classified as a potentially unwanted application by specialists. It seems to be based on the legitimate Snare application, but there is no doubt that the developer of Snare, which is InterSect Alliance International Pty Ltd., has nothing to do with WinSnare. Potentially unwanted programs are not dangerous computer infections but keeping them installed might be quite…

Remove Funny Collection

What is Funny Collection?
Funny Collection is a browser hijacker which hijacks all browsers when it enters computers. The hijacking is changing users’ browsers settings without permission. In other words, a new homepage and default search engine is set on all browsers. Specialists say that the Funny Collection browser hijacker might be associated with and, which again proves that… – Why you need to remove?

What is may look like a regular search engine, however, you should not trust it blindly. The so-called search tool is actually a browser hijacker that can alter browser settings without the user’s permission. The goal of the hijacker is to earn revenue for its creators. That is why it changes browser preferences and causes other modifications including inserting…

Remove Secure Search Bar

What is Secure Search Bar?
Secure Search Bar is a search bar that appears below the address bar when users try to find information using the search bar Google Chrome has. The cursor is also dropped in this bar, so users are forced to use Secure Search Bar instead of the one belonging to the Google Chrome browser. Users cannot understand…

UC Browser – How to remove?

What is UC Browser?
UC Browser belongs to UCWeb and is classified as a potentially unwanted application. It also has adware capabilities as its main goal is to generate online traffic thus earning revenue for its developers. The app uses the bundling method in order to get distributed, so, in most cases, it enters computers without the users’ notice. It is important…

How to remove EasyPDFCombine Toolbar?

What is EasyPDFCombine?
EasyPDFCombine is a browser plugin which should allow users to convert files, combine PDF files, translate texts, and provide other useful features for users. All these promises are made on its official website, so there are users who install EasyPDFCombine themselves on their computers. Of course, not all the users are responsible for installing this browser plugin on…