What is, also known as, is an unreliable website that functions as an advertising platform. If you keep getting redirected to it, it means that you have adware on your computer. Ad-supported programs are known to cause various troubles, however, their main goal is to expose you to as much advertising data as possible. The reason for that is…

BrowseFox FBB Virus

What is BrowseFox FBB Virus?
BrowseFox FBB Virus is, technically, not a virus, but it is definitely not less annoying because it is known to be an adware, or advertising-supported application. This program, just like other ad-supported programs available on the web, displays commercial advertisements. You should see pop-ups, banners, various underlined links, and other commercial content that immediately takes to… – How to remove?

What is
If you constantly get redirected to the website, it means that you most likely have an adware program on your computer. Ad-supported apps are used by their developers to make money by promoting their sponsors, which means that they expose users to various adverts. They not only cause redirects to suspicious domains, but also insert advertisements into the… Removal

What is is a search engine that users find set on all their browsers after the installation of the extension called the New Tab Page. This extension sets a new search tool and changes the New Tab page. It means that you will see every day. Even though this website does not look bad and even allows users…

Remove Myway Redirect

What is Myway?
Myway is an unreliable website that is associated with an advertising-supported application called If you get redirected to this site on a daily basis or if it has become your home page without your knowledge, it means that you have the adware on your computer. It is possible that you acquired it by accident when installing other software.…

About pop-ups keep appearing on your screen because an adware application might be installed on your computer. It needs permission to enter your computer, which means that you installed it yourself. It’s not malicious nor will it harm your computer directly. The worst it can do by itself is drive you crazy with constant pop-ups. The way could… – How to remove?

What is
Developers of say that it is a legitimate search engine that shows search results based on the search query. Yes, really shows search results; however, it cannot be called a good search provider because it has been found that a number of the search results it shows for users are simple advertisements that promote third-party websites.…

Remove Youndoo Virus

What is Youndoo Virus?
Youndoo Virus is a browser hijacker that can alter your browser’s settings. It can infiltrate your computer if you install freeware and not notice that Youndoo Virus is attached to it. Even though it can enter your computer without your knowledge, it’s not a malicious computer virus. It will not endanger your computer directly but it will…