Cleanserp Redirect Removal

What is Cleanserp Virus?
Cleanserp Virus is a website that might remind of a trustworthy search tool, but, in reality, it is a website that is spread by a browser hijacker infection. Because of this, users discover it set on their web browsers without permission. They see this new website set as a homepage and default search tool. That is, it…

unTabs Adware

About unTabs
unTabs is a dubious browser extension that targets Google Chrome users. It seems that the installation is usually not voluntary and it essentially forces users to install it. It does not seem to be malicious, however. It is classified as adware and a potentially unwanted program (PUP) but is advertised as an extension that would help you manage your…

Remove Cleanserp Redirect

What is Cleanserp?
Cleanserp is a browser hijacker which might illegally enter your computer and then hijack all your browsers making them to load a new page Cleanserp. Browser hijackers usually change all web browsers’ settings, including a homepage, search tool, and a New Tab page, so it is impossible not to see a new search tool. Not all the users… Redirect Removal

What is is a website that acts like a search tool, but it does not mean that it should be used as a tool for web searching. It might cause a number of problems, so it should be eliminated from browsers as soon as users find it set as a homepage and search tool. It is very important to… Redirect Removal

What is is a browser hijacker which could have entered your system together with free software you downloaded from the Internet. It is called a browser hijacker because it hijacks browsers’ settings when it enters computers. That is, it changes their settings and, because of this, users see a new search tool when they launch any of their browsers.…

How to remove

What is
Often referred to as a potentially unwanted app or a browser hijacker, is used for none other than making profit. Although it may be promoted as a useful search services, its main purpose is to generate web traffic. The hijacker is compatible with all major browsers, so once it gets access to your system, it alters settings in…

Mysupersearch Redirect

About is a suspicious search engine and a browser hijacker. It is a low-level infections, so while incredibly annoying, it should not do harm to your computer. It will make changes to your browsers and prevent your from undoing them. It will then proceed to redirect you to sponsored pages so that it could help site owners make money.… Redirect Virus

About is a browser hijacker, a low-level infection that will make unwanted changes to your browser. If you find that has been set as your homepage, this is indeed a hijacker problem. It is not a serious infection but you should make sure you delete right away because it can still bring about trouble. Hijackers aim to…