Screen Addict Removal

What is Screen Addict?
Screen Addict is a toolbar that is advertised as beneficial software for users who watch online videos. To be more specific, it should enable users find and watch movie trailers online, access online video streaming websites, etc. At first glance, Screen Addict seems to be quite useful, but what many users do not know about it is…


What is is a browser hijacker that can enter your system without your notice and alter your browser preferences. The hijacker is compatible with all major browsers including Mozilla, Chrome, IE, and others. Once inside, it causes several disturbances that are not limited to the settings modifications. As the hijacker’s goal is to boost web traffic, it will flood you…

Remove Zwhip Ads

About Zwhip Ads
Zwhip is a browser extension that claims to allow you to access content that is region restricted. While it may do as it promises, it will also expose you to big amounts of advertisement content. Which is why Zwhip Ads is classified as adware. It is a legitimate browser add-on and you can download it form the official… Redirect – How to remove?

What is advertisements are flooding your screen because there is an adware application installed on your computer. It did not just enter your computer by itself, it needs your permission to get in because it’s not a malicious computer virus. It’s attached to free software in a way that allows it to install alongside it, usually without you even…


What is is a website that will become visible on your Google Chrome web browser after the installation of a browser extension. It is said on the official web page of this browser extension that it is “the must-have Chrome New Tab for media & social users”, but, in reality, it is just an undesirable piece of software that… – How to remove?

What is
A search tool might look like a good search engine, but the truth is that it is not if it has dared to set itself on your browsers without your permission. is one of these unreliable search engines that look trustworthy but, in reality, are just bad search tools promoted by browser hijackers. If you have already… Redirect Virus

What is is a questionable search engine and a browser hijacker. It can hijack your computer via software bundles and if it does, it will alter your browser’s settings without your knowledge. You will suddenly find it on your browser and might immediately think that your computer has been infected with malware. Thankfully, that is not the case. It’s… – How to remove?

What is known about is listed as a browser hijacker that can definitely reduce your web surfing experience. can enter your computer’s system with the help of software bundles. Hence, you should more carefully select which programs to install into your data machine. Our research team has prepared this article in order to help you better understand the way works.…