What is belongs to Linkey Inc. and is classified as a browser hijacker. This means that it can alter browser settings and cause other modifications, all of which are aimed at promoting its sponsors. By advertising the sponsors of the hijacker, Linkey Inc. makes money. Unfortunately, computer users do not benefit from this at all. Quite the opposite, in… – How to remove?

What is is an Internet search engine that promises to generate improved search results. Although it is presented to users as a genuine search provider, in reality, it is nothing more than a browser hijacker infection. This explains why users so often find it set on their browsers as a homepage and search tool without permission. If you are… – How to remove?

What is is a website promoted as a genuine search provider, but, frankly speaking, it is not even close to being a legitimate search tool. Users who find this search tool set on their browsers should be aware of the fact that their browsers have been hijacked. That is, their browsers’ settings have been changed without their consent. Never… Virus

What is is presented as a sleek, intuitive, and powerful search engine, so it is not surprising at all that so many users expect it to be a useful search engine that can improve their web searching experience. Unfortunately, it is far from being decent – it has been found that is a typical browser hijacker which alters…

MyMapsExpress Toolbar Removal

About MyMapsExpress Toolbar
MyMapsExpress Toolbar is a browser hijacker that is advertised as an add-on that would help you access various maps. Browser hijackers are not malicious computer viruses so it appearing on your browser should not cause panic. However, it is not recommended to allow it to stay on your computer. It will change your browser’s settings and possibly try…

Remove Loadoages Virus

What is Loadoages Virus?
Loadoages Virus is a browser hijacker that is linked to It may be promoted as a search tool that can bring you the best results, but in reality, it aims at advertising its sponsors. By doing so, the creators of the hijacker earn money. Although it will reroute you to Yahoo search engine, which is reliable,…

Search Tab New for Chrome Removal

About Search Tab New for Chrome
Search Tab New for Chrome is one of those browser hijackers that make changes to browser’s settings that users may not agree with. If you notice that your homepage has been changed to, you have the Search Tab New for Chrome hijacker on your hands. Thankfully, it is not malicious by itself, the worst thing it… Uninstall

What is (also known as falls into the category of browser hijackers as it has the ability to change your browser settings without your approval. It may be promoted as a search tool, but its actual goal is to expose you to advertising data and thus earn revenue for the company that created it. The hijacker uses the…