Remove BrowserArmor

What is BrowserArmor?
BrowserArmor is an advertisement-supported application that shows various commercials on your screen. It affects all major browsers. The software has an official site,, where it is promoted as a tool that will help you stay away from harmful sites that could compromise your online security and trick you into infecting your system with malware. If you try…

Remove BigGameCountdown Toolbar

What is BigGameCountdown Toolbar?
BigGameCountdown Toolbar is classified as a potentially unwanted application. It belongs to Mindspark Interactive Network, which is a company responsible for a variety of similar programs like RetroGamer Toolbar, Webfetti Toolbar, AudioToAudio Toolbar, and others. The software promises to provide you with access to CBS Sports, NBC Sports and ESPN, where you could watch professional and college basketball.…


What is is classified as a browser hijacker, which will change your homepage and default search engine without your consent. If you use Mozilla Firefox browser, you will find a new extension added by The add-on is installed in order to modify your New tab. You will only remove, if you erase the extension. The hijacker claims…

My Lucky 123 – How to remove

What is My Lucky 123?
My Lucky 123 is classified as a browser hijacker that infiltrates your computer’s system together with SuperWeb family adware, for instance, Hold Page, Surftastic, Solution Real, and others. The hijacker uses your IP address in order to automatically redirect you to different search pages according to your region. Most of the computer users are redirected to… Removal – Remove

What is is a dangerous browser hijacker that comes from the same family as qone8 and v9. Though according to its creators Beijing MSYT Technology Co.,Ltd this “unique web search engine” provides superior services, computer experts claim that it cannot be trusted. Further information about this application users can find in its home page, however you will probably… Removal

What is is classified as a browser hijacker that has been created by Greensky Technology Co., Limited. Once reaches your computer’s system, it will modify all of your Internet browsers’ (such as Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Internet Explorer). You will soon notice that your default search engine has been changed to The hijacker uses a well…

Omniboxes Virus – How to remove

What is Omniboxes virus?
Omniboxes virus ( is classified as a browser hijacker that will change your homepage and default search engine without your permission. This will definitely worsen your Internet surfing experience because various advertisements will fill your computer. More than that, the program will change the Target line. You may find Omniboxes virus removal difficult because the hijacker will… Removal Guide

What is is a browser hijacker that can infiltrate your system and modify your browser settings. It usually comes as a part of an ad-supported application. The website itself is an advertising platform. You cannot trust all commercials that you see on it. Once installed, also changes your DNS settings and redirects you in the middle of your…