Delete My Lucky Search

What is My Lucky Search?
If you ever open your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox and notice that your regular homepage and search engine have been replaced by a suspicious search engine My Lucky Search without permission, you should know that a browser hijacker has been installed on your computer and already applied changes. At first glance, My Lucky…


What is is a browser hijacker that can replace your main browser settings without your notice. It spreads with the help of free third party software. It is possible that along with the hijacker you also acquired other potentially unwanted programs. The main aim of the hijacker is to promote its sponsors and thus generate revenue for its developers.…

Remove Smarter Password

What is Smarter Password?
Smarter Password is an application that should help users to generate safer passwords and remember them easily. Even though this program seems to be very beneficial, you should know that this program is closely associated with all kinds of commercial advertisements that are visible on your screen. Yes, Smarter Password is known to be an ad-supported program.…

Get a Clip Ads Removal

What are Get a Clip Ads?
Get a Clip is promoted as an add-on that can improve your online shopping experience by offering you alternative products from different online stores. It is the reason that you see adverts labeled “Get a Clip Ads”, “Brought by Get a Clip“, “Powered by Get a Clip”, and so on. Unfortunately, the program is nothing… Removal

What is is a browser hijacker that belongs to IMALI – N.I. MEDIA LTD, which is a company also responsible for a variety of other hijackers including,,, and more. enters your system after you install a browser extension from It is promoted through pop-ups and other adverts as an extension that can provide you… Removal – Remove Hao123 Search

What is is a web browser hijacker that has several versions including,,, and others. Each version is aimed at computer users from different parts of the world. The hijacker is compatible with all well-known browsers and it usually gets installed along with the Hao123 Toolbar. The toolbar is promoted at, which is listed as a… Removal

What is is a browser hijacker that can alter your preferences in all of your web browsers. Its About page states that is positioned as one of the global leaders in online traffic generation. It is clear that the hijacker aims at promoting its sponsors. Unfortunately, for you as a computer user that is not useful at all.…

.Micro extension virus

What is .Micro virus?
.Micro virus is a ransomware application that is aimed at extorting money from you. The parasite can infiltrate your computer without your knowledge and corrupt the files that are stored on it. After the files get corrupted, you will no longer be able to access them. That is when the cyber crooks will present you with a…