Remove PC Clean Maestro

What is PC Clean Maestro?
PC Clean Maestro is promoted as an optimization utility that can better the functioning of your computer. It was developed by CompuClever Systems Inc. and is supposed to remove junk files, registry entries, and traces of personal information. Unfortunately, the program is not quite as trustworthy as it may seem at first. After it gets installed,…

Remove Social 2 Search Ads

What is Social 2 Search Ads?
Social 2 Search Ads is an advertising-supported application that can flood your browser with different types of commercials. It is practically identical to Canopus and Capricornus, which are also classified as adware. The application does not have an official website, where it could be downloaded. Instead, it travels in free software bundles and gets presented…

Remove BestAdBlocker

What is BestAdBlocker?
BestAdBlocker is promoted as a tool that can block unnecessary advertisements from appearing in your web browsers. This may seem like a beneficial feature, but, unfortunately, the program does not function the way that it is supposed to. In fact, it does the exact opposite of what it should. The app inserts adverts into your browsers and reroutes you…

Next Program Removal

What is Next Program?
Next Program might look like a good search engine; however, we cannot call it like that because it is a part of a browser hijacker infection. In other words, Next Program is usually set without permission. In most cases, such search engines are released in order to generate money for its creator, so there are hundreds of search engines… Removal – Remove SideCubes Search

What is is a browser hijacker that comes as a part of the Sidecubes application. This potentially unwanted application was developed by Ltd. and is promoted as a tool that can simply the use of the Internet. It provides you with quick access to search, sharing, and translation features. The program works on all major web browsers. It… Removal – Remove Newsearch123 Virus

What is is an untrustworthy search engine that you might notice set on your Internet Explorer, Google Chrome, and Mozilla Firefox browsers one day. If this happens, you should know that there is a security loophole on your computer or you simply do not have a security tool installed and tend to download many free programs from the web.…

NowUSeeIt Player – How to Uninstall?

What is NowUSeeIt Player?
NowUSeeIt Player is advertised as an application that can allow you to watch online videos without having to open your browser. The ability to play videos straight from your desktop may be a useful feature, but the program has serious drawbacks as well. It is usually classified as a potentially unwanted and an ad-supported software. It can…

Oasis Space Ads Uninstall Guide

What are Oasis Space Ads?
Oasis Space is an ad-supported program that might slither onto the computer without permission and then start showing Oasis Space Ads on the screen. These ads are easily recognizable because they all have a label “Oasis Space Ads” in one of the corners. If you already see them on different web pages, e.g. eBay, Amazon, and…