What is is a yet another browser hijacker that can replace your browser settings without your permission and cause other unwanted distractions. The main aim of the unwanted program is to boost online traffic, which is why it inserts sponsored links into your search results, add commercials to you visited pages, redirects you to unknown sites, and more. The…

Remove ssfk.exe

What is ssfk.exe?
If you have a browser hijacker on your computer system, you can be sure that this is the reason for ssfk.exe inhabiting your PC. Ssfk.exe and some other executable files (like sfkex.exe or sfkex64.exe) are linked to a number of malicious browser hijackers, for example, and Their main task is preventing the removal of such browser… Removal

What is
If the appearance of on your browser is a surprise to you, we can guarantee that you now possess a suspicious browser hijacker on your personal computer. It is also categorized as a potentially unwanted program (PUP) and it can attack all major browsers that are used by the majority of people: Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and… Removal from Google Chrome,Firefox & IE

What do I need to learn about is an intrusive browser hijacker that will definitely make your web surfing worse. The infection hijacks all of your Internet browsers (Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer) and performs many unwanted changes on them. For instance, once is inside your computer, your start-up page and default search engine will be changed.…

Dns Unlocker Ads Removal

What are Dns Unlocker Ads?
Dns Unlocker Ads appear in your browsers, because Dns Unlocker is an advertising-supported application. It is promoted as a program that will allow you to access websites that are blocked by your Internet service provider or the government. Unfortunately, that is not the main purpose of the software. The program was created in order to generate…

Remove Notification Helper Ads

What are Notification Helper Ads?
Notification Helper Ads are flooding your browsers because you have an advertising-supported application installed on your PC. The adware was developed by SuperWeb LLC, which is a company infamous for this type of programs. It has released such useless applications as SaveOn, PodoWeb, SunriseBrowse, Skywebber, HasBrowse, AllGenius, Raving Reyven, Girafarri, and many more. Despite the fact that it…

Remove rundll32.exe

What is Rundll32.exe?
Rundll32.exe is an application used to launch dynamic link library files. It is a legitimate Windows application that is usually stored in C:\Windows\System32 folder. You can also see this process in the Task Manager. Rundll32.exe is signed by Microsoft and is an important part of Windows operating system. However, what you should keep in mind is that malware…

Remove Wuaudt.exe

What is Wuaudt.exe?
Wuaudt.exe is a malicious Trojan which can be easily mistaken for a legitimate Windows system file. The file that should be on your computer is called Wuauclt.exe. As you can see, cyber criminals named the infection so that users wouldn’t think it is dangerous. In many cases, this is done to hide various hazardous Trojan horses, and the…